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MSN Checker Sniffer 2.6

It allows you to remotely monitor, block or record MSN conversations
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MSN Checker Sniffer was designed to capture, remotely monitor, block and record MSN Messenger conversations in HTML or RTF files. This product is designed for a local network. It e-mails or exports chat logs by only indicating the IP address you wish to monitor. Monitoring is possible without the use of client software installed on any remote computer within a LAN connection. If you set it, the program can also block any chat conversation or use passwords and hotkeys protection. This tool is very powerful and useful for kids care and unwanted or dangerous chatting, it is simple to use and operate. The interface is well organized and quite user-friendly. An access icon is located on the start menu as for many programs, but you can also set a hotkey access and hide its main window when the program starts up. Other abilities are: Set e-mail periods, auto save logs periods, select network adapter, scan the LAN to find computers, select interface language and view history chats. You can download a 10-days free trial version for testing the program. It is compatible with the following OS: Windows XP, 2000, 2003 or Windows NT.

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  • Easy to set up, useful for kids care


  • Designed for local networks
  • It's the MSN tool, doesn't work with other chat clients
  • Only 10 days trial
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